The Mobile Mind Shift

Minfo means anyone can easily take advantage of Mobile Moments … 'a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want immediately, in context.'

Minfo is a multipurpose information platform in a Free mobile App.

Putting relevant information and the ability to take action immediately right in the palm of your hand.  

Minfo campaigns (we call them Minfo Pages) connect with all media channels to let you access what you want instantly on your smartphone or tablet (coming soon).

Whatever you’re doing. Wherever you’re doing it. Watching TV, listening to radio, online, in a shop, restaurant or public space.

Use Minfo to connect with all media channels and perform numerous business functions.  Minfo enables you to connect and engage with any message with a single touch or voice command to access the information you seek. 

When you see something you like you can instantly take action with Minfo, whether it’s making a purchase, booking a test drive, a holiday, a table or a meal, or donating to a good cause. 

Minfo is for Everyone

Minfo is for all businesses large and small, including community-based not for profit organisations. 

It’s simple to use and requires no IT expertise or investment to extend your campaigns or messages. 

Minfo gives both existing and prospective customers what they want instantly and puts the means to respond right in the palm of their hand. 
Minfo delivers engagement at the moment of optimal interest ... we call it Impulse Engagement.

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Minfo connects smartphone users to any message you see or hear or even can't hear with Minfo Zone.

Contact us and leverage the power of mobile to grow your business.  

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Minfo - Connecting People

Ever heard or seen an ad and thought 'I’d like to know more?’

Minfo lets you capture any ad or message you like and have instant access to all the info about that message or offer, straight to your smartphone.

You can buy it, book it, order it, like it, share it, add a reminder of an event and more when you want … Now.

Charities & Not for Profits

Getting the word out to your supporters is a constant challenge for charities and community NFP organisations.

Easily create Minfo Pages to send out to your supporters/members and let them respond straight away.

Minfo lets you utilise the power of mobile at no cost, and even generates extra revenue for your organisation.

All Businesses

Minfo is digitising old media, transforming a noisy marketplace into an informed audience and impulse into action. Focusing on the only thing that matters: Results.

Minfo means existing and new customers can easily connect with your message via their mobile and immediately respond to any offer or call-to-action you want to make. That’s more sales sooner!